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Ving Tsun is a martial arts based solely upon the principles of simplicity, efficiency and directness.  The simpler the actions the easier they are to execute effectively.  There are no wasted movements.  The only actions taken by the Ving Tsun practitioner during combat are those that are necessary to incapacitate the opponent immediately, nothing more. 

Utilizing direct attacks into their opponent’s center while using proper structure and positioning to protect their own, the Ving Tsun practitioner’s primary aim is the incapacitation of their opponent.

There are no over-elaborate movements within Ving Tsun.  Simple movements and simple concepts are all that you will find within the Ving Tsun system.  Ving Tsun contains only three empty hand sequences, one sequence performed on a wooden dummy (“mok jong” as pronounced in Cantonese), and two weapon sets. 

Rather than confusing the practitioner with a multitude of situation-specific techniques and sequences, Ving Tsun offers the student concepts and techniques that are adaptive to all combat situations.  Many different circumstances can and will arise during actual combat.  It is impractical and futile to predict and practice specifically for all the circumstances and situations that might arise.  Therefore, Ving Tsun works to familiarize the student not with specifics, but with concepts and principles that are simple, direct, efficient, and adaptive to all levels of combat.

In short, Ving Tsun is a system of simple and adaptive techniques that, when used in conjunction with Ving Tsun’s universal principles and concepts, will enable the practitioner with usable tools for self-protection in a violent encounter.  In Ving Tsun there is no time wasted on practicing movements that you will never apply.  You practice what you use, and you will use what you practice.

Ving Tsun Progressive Learning Syllabus


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