The Progressive Learning Method and Testing Procedures

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The Progressive Learning Method

Traditionally the Chinese martial arts were taught without the assistance of progression signifiers such as colored belts or sashes.† For a long time the Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association has taught the martial arts without such.† However, as our student base continue to grow, considerations in favor of equal instruction for all students, regardless of experience level, promoted us to create a progressive curriculum that do utilize colored sashes as signifiers for the studentís experience and knowledge level.† Much like the education system that most of us have experienced on some level, having a progression level system sets a consistent syllabus of material for each student to learn and master.†

Our entire martial arts curriculum is divided into levels of progressive complexity.† Within each progression level, there is a set of material that each student is expected to understand, identify, apply, and present before they are allowed to advance onto the next level of material.† To be sure, building martial knowledge is no different that constructing a skyscraper.† You must be sure that the foundation is solid before more can be built upon.† A consistent syllabus and a progressive learning system ensures that both the student and the instructor know exactly where the student is and where they need to be.

The Progression Method and Testing Procedures

Included on this website is a Progressive Learning Syllabus for both Ving Tsun and Choy Lay Fut.† The syllabus is a complete list of all the material taught within your chosen method.† The material is divided into progressively complex levels and each of the levels are listed with the approximate recommended training time needed before one should test for the next level.

The instructors will post testing times and dates one to two weeks prior to the exam.† Testing is free, and all students are welcome to test for their next level.† If the student is not able to exhibit complete knowledge of the material within his or her level, they will be advised on what needs to be worked on and will be given a chance to retest during the next exam period.† If the student is able to understand, identify, present, and apply the knowledge within his or her level, they will be offered either a patch or a new colored sash to signify their position within the progression of our martial arts method.† This is not a punishment and reward system, our progressive learning system is merely a method for both the student and instructor to keep an accurate assessment of how much the student comprehends and what more needs to be learnt or taught.

When the student has exhibited thorough knowledge of the given material and passes the given exam, he or she will be given a choice to either register their level status with the Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association or simply purchase a level signifier patch (or the next colored sash depending on the level of the student).† Level registration includes a permanent listing within the Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association records, an official level certificate exclusively published by the NFCMAA, and a level signifier patch.† Regardless if the student chooses to register with the NFCMAA or to simply purchase a patch (or a sash), he or she will be eligible to learn further material and to test for advancing levels if the current level exam is passed.

With that said, level registration must be done in order.† If one chooses not to register a passed level exam (for example, green sash level one), he or she cannot register forthcoming levels (such as green sash level two) unless previous levels (like green sash level one) are registered.† Those applying for instructorship must be registered in all previous levels before testing.† Prices for each level of certification are listed in the Progression Level Certification Fee List provided to you at our academy.†

If you have any questions regarding the syllabus or any of the testing procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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