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May 19th 2002 Asian Heritage Month celebration event in Chicago's Chinatown!!!!!!

Chinatown celebrates Asian Heritage Month on Sunday, May 19, 2002 in Chicago's Chinatown square

We sincerely invite you and members of family to witness a celebration of Asian Heritage month scheduled to take place in Chicago's Chinatown on May 19, 2002. This year we hope to bring to the public an event displaying the richness of the Asian culture while promoting the theme of unity among people of all ethnicities. Put forth by performers and artists of diverse ethnic origins, our current list of performers include groups ranging from martial artists, dancers, musicians, and percussionists from the Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Philippine, Japanese, and Latino community.

Sam Ma and (Sifu) Sam Ng of the Chicago Consolidated Chinese Benevolent Association along with an organizing committee of dedicated professionals plus the Chinese Community Center head in the coordination of the May 19th celebration event. With backing from the city of Chicago as well as other generous organizations, we hope to make this year's event the most exciting ever.

In addition to casting many wonderful artists belonging to a variety of Asian performance groups, we are also fortunate to have the opportunity to invite performers from outside the Asian community to contribute to the May 19th event. With a cast of so many talented and diverse artists, we begin to fulfill our wish to display not only the richness and diversity of our Asian heritage, but to show the world a unity that exists among her people.

Our celebration event will begin at 12:30pm on Sunday, May 19th with a festive parade through the streets of Chicago's Chinatown. Then at 1:30pm the artists will begin their performance on Chinatown Square's main stage. The parade and stage show, with its spectacular display of the unique performance artistry of the Asian community, is guaranteed to bring together the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of the Asian cultural experience in a grand celebration event.

Please show your support on May 19, 2002 and invite your friends and family to join in our wonderful celebration.

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