Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association

will reopen starting July 5, 2020 to members aged 11 and above (there will be updates to when children classes will resume). 

Please continue reading the guidelines below to fully understand our newly implemented PRACTICES FOR PREVENTION OF COVID-19 TRANSMISSION at the academy headquarters.

Why is this necessary? 

The health, well-being and safety of our students are our highest priority. We ALL must do our part in reducing the spread of this virus. As we resume our high standard of martial training, we must also reduce the risk of potential COVID-19 transmission.

How will optimum health & safety measures be achieved at NFCMAA?

As we monitor trends in the spread of COVID-19, we will make periodic adjustments to our guidelines. We are approaching the pandemic from the standpoint to assume that everyone you contact carries the virus in some fashion. So our guidelines are designed to meet or exceed State-mandated social distancing, personal protective wear and disinfecting standards in the following manner:

  • Face coverings over nose and mouth required

  • Sign-in on a designated sign-in sheet with member's full name and date during each visit 

  • Enter school on Archer Avenue, and exit school through the backdoor parking lot

  • Continued hand washing and sanitizing

  • Members should arrive dressed in workout attire

  • Maintain 6 feet of social distancing at a minimum

  • While unexpectedly passing someone closer than minimal social distance, pass on the right and turn face to the right (facing away from the person you are passing)

  • Self-disinfecting all handles, weapons, and equipment before and after use

  • Sparring is temporarily suspended until further notice

Additional suggested precautions:

  • Use of gloves

  • Long-sleeve shirt and long pants 

  • Remove and wash clothing after training workout

  • Zero contact with other persons 

  • Bring personal water bottle (the school will not supply cups during this period)

  • Bring personal towel 

  • Practice additional personal hygiene measures

How long will this last?

These initiatives will continue as long as COVID-19 is a legitimate threat to health and safety. Watch for school signage, floor markings and other notice reminders during our traditional martial arts training.

Updates will be posted here at and on the NFCMAA Facebook page.


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